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Translation-playback program Audio/Video, text sharing (chat), messages in the form of files. Communication session is held in protected mode, the stranger will not be able to overhear, to be examined, read the data. The video quality of the video image is set in the settings there are three modes.
Low - 320x240. Normal - 640x480. High - 1280x720.

Setting the communication is simple - download a copy of the program to a person with whom you want to install a contact, find out its IP address to find out on one of the services or here or

Prepare a nick name, for example Lenin. Report a friend, notification received from the program as a message "Accept Lenin?" that's you so that he does not worry and took your call by clicking Accept buttons.


Enter the address of the friend of the friend's address in the "target host". Press the connection button "Connect". The program will require a nick name to represent a friend about which we talked above. A dialog box appears, enter a name. Click OK.

Receive call

A friend who stayed should open the program "Bekas" and wait for your call. As soon as You click the Connect Connection button. The program will try to connect to Friend friend. If everything is successful, a friend will see an incoming message, the subscriber "Lenin", Address "" wants to establish. After making a decision to accept or not accept an incoming call, a friend, you will need to specify your nick name in the dialog box.

Waiting for call reception

While a friend finds out who is trying to establish a connection with him, you will see the next information dialogue. The Cancel button can stop the connection setting.

Communication session

Initially only chat, audio/video, download files are disabled. In the moment the connection opens the chat message input window to send a message enter the text and press Enter or click the Send button. Go to New string holding the "Ctrl" key press "Enter" (Ctrl + Enter). For shipping messages are also required to specify the alias, but you can not specify.

(This image can be enlarged, click on it)

Friend includes audio and video broadcast by pressing buttons to enable those under defined devices, like USB audio device and video device.

(This image can be enlarged, click on it)

In the bottom of the window under the chat message input field, is an audio analyzer if you press there will be no sound from a friend from a friend's computer if you close the video window (in the picture the little Window "Remote Koba") will stop the video stream or key combination "Alt+R". You can turn on the sound or video again in the menu item by pressing the right mouse button or click repeated on the spectrum area.

Loading files

In order for a friend to download you files, allow you by clicking the button, a dialog box appears with a download of the download directory - the button next to the download button. If the file size is more nine megabytes - a friend will be informed about the size of the file being downloaded to it, in another case, no information is issued.

Menu - Color

Color - the color of the main window, you can use the shade or built-in pictures. If in the directory with the program "Bekas" there will be a folder "Picture" with format patterns BMP, then every minute the Bekas window will be replaced by images from the folder in random order.

Status Bar

Traffic information - the size of sent audio data, the size of sent video data, the size of the audio data obtained, the size of the data received.

Video Resolution

Setting video broadcast image Low 320x240, Normal 640x480, High 1280x720.

Frequently asked Questions

What is this button "Sweep"?
"Sweep" - when you press the button, a dialog box with the search for the search program will appear other computer with a working copy of the copy (i.e. "Bekas") to use it is necessary that your friend and your friend have customized routers. Go to your router by WEB interface (via a browser) and open the UDP port 20889. After that, knowing the range a friend's IP addresses, and he is yours, you can not be outliving recognizing the current IP address, and take advantage "Sweep" - set the search range, after a short period of time - depends on the width the range of the address of the provider, the wider the longest look for. Medium-statistical provider has the range of addresses that can be called in fifteen minutes (maximum). On average to search friend or he will be spent from two to five minutes.
see Port Forwarding

Sweep has two modes of operation: "Sweep Range" - a search by the range specified manually. Know Your friend's computer, provider - has a range of addresses from by (in reality, the range may be in such a form to find a friend you need to enter the following:
The figure shows the search on the local network, start from ten because the router starts distribute addresses from this value.
Figure shows the search on the local network (do not repeat it, it is only a demonstration) in reality needs to accurately determine the range of addresses - and the addresses of others)!

Mode "Sweep List" - Search by range from a text file list, recording format:


Additional installations:

"Send packet delay" - Package sending time, value in milliseconds if install too big "Bekas" will warn, it is not recommended very small value - remote the computer will not have time to send a signal.
"Sweep range scan" RANDOM - Scan not in order one (,, etc). The method is useful when scanning a large number of networks.

The figure shows the answer when a friend is detected:

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